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Landscaping Services in Hallandale, Fl

What is Landscaping

The look after landscaping services provided by cs designer

It is a Beautiful Creation


If you were to search for the term "Landscaping Services in Hallandale, Fl", you could find a multitude of results. But which one to rely on? 


CS Designer Landscaping has been doing beautiful lush landscapes in South Florida for 20 years. We are experts at designing your yard.  We also work closely with homeowners, homeowner associations, and local business owners to create a great landscaping job. We look at all of our landscaping projects like it was our home we were living in or the property we own.  CS Designer Landscaping work very closely with our clients to make sure they know the plants and color schemes that we will install at their home.


Charles Folger believes that landscaping is a thing of "living beauty" for everyone to enjoy. It must be something that reflects the owners and their surroundings!

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