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Tree Trimming

“A trim can make all the difference!”

Your trees are an investment in your property and add value to your home. Aside from that, they're an extension of you and your family!

At CS Designer Landscaping, we're dedicated to protecting that investment from the risks associated with storms, ensuring your trees are against damage so you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses in the case of disaster. We'll help you enhance their appearance and help them to provide a happy, healthy, safer life for those who enjoy the shade and beauty they provide.


Our certified tree trimmers and pruners are skilled in pruning trees, providing proper tree maintenance, minimizing storm damage, establishing a structure for future growth, and mitigating the risk of limb failure.

We aim to deliver stunning results you’ll enjoy for years to come. We approach each project with a personalized touch, using expert skills and tools to help you design an outdoor space that suits your lifestyle and reflects your tastes.

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After surveying your property, we’ll discuss with you the right types of plants and trees to use in order to optimize your property. Our skilled tree trimmers and pruners can then take over, trimming and pruning trees using best practices so that they remain healthy with a natural appearance.

Feel free to call us at 954-274-5530 and we'll be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

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