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How to Maintain Landscape Rocks

How to Maintain Landscape Rocks

Your rock landscaping adds a beautiful touch to your home. But if you don't maintain it, it will lose its luster and eventually wear down.

Most homeowners think that once they have the rock landscaping laid out, it’s done. There is always a chance of a rock falling, so knowing how to maintain landscape rocks and stones could be super helpful. So don't neglect it!

You don't need to be a pro to make sure your rocks look their best. These simple tips and tricks will help make your rock landscaping beautiful and easy to maintain.

4 Easy Ways To Maintain Landscape Rocks

If you maintain your rock landscaping and give it the attention it deserves, you will enjoy its beauty for years to come. Here are some steps to help you maintain your rock landscaping:

Choosing the Right Tools and Using Them Correctly

gardening tools

It can be hard to keep up with new tools and techniques, even if you're a professional landscaper. That's why it's so important to make sure you're using the right tools and using them correctly. Having the right tools not only saves time and money but also makes sure you don't run the risk of damaging your property or injuring yourself. For example, when using a rake, be careful not to pull or push too hard. This can move or damage smaller rocks in the landscape instead of just larger debris items like sticks and leaves. Take your time as you pick and move debris items so that major features like boulders stay undisturbed by your work.

The same advice applies to leaf blowers: it’s best to move slowly and steadily when you’re blowing away the smaller rocks. At the time of removing some of the smaller attractions, stand back and use a blower on a low setting.

As debris flies through the air, it can pose a threat to your eyes. Therefore, eye protection is recommended.

Place a Foundation Fabric


So, what is a foundation fabric? Well, it’s a thin piece of material meant to be laid over battens or boards and then covered with landscape rock. It helps to prevent weed growth and other pests in the landscape. Therefore laying down a foundation fabric before building your rock landscaping project helps ensure that it lasts.

The main benefit of this fabric is that it will keep your rocks from getting stuck in the soil or mulch and make it easier to clean them.

However, over time, the fabric may need to be repaired or even replaced if it fails. If you find yourself in this situation, all you really need to do is replace it, remembering that a little maintenance goes a long way to ensure your yard looks great!.

Cleaning Your Rock Landscape

watering with a waterjet

Know how long is too long? When was the last time you cleaned your rock garden? You may want to check it out since weeds are sprouting, and moss won't be getting any cleaner.

Moss and weeds may grow on your rocks over time, but they'll have a harder time when you've used foundation fabric to keep them out.

To clean your rock garden, simply rinse off the rocks with a hose and nozzle. Make sure that the nozzle gives you enough pressure to clean the rocks without dislodging them.

When the rocks are excessively dirty, scrub them with a kitchen brush. Do not use soap or chemicals on them, as they could damage the rocks!

If your rock bed is too damp, gently blow on it with a leaf blower to help remove excess moisture. This will reduce the risk of encouraging mold and mildew.

Preventing Rock Sinking

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Larger garden rocks can start sinking into the ground over time. To prevent this and fix it, apply gravel underneath them, as well as a base gravel layer that will allow water to drain out. Water in your garden should never sit and puddle, so take this into consideration when working on your rock garden systems.

You can add support by putting a layer of polyester or linen fabric underneath the gravel. This extra layer will help the heavier rocks feel sturdier and will allow the skin to breathe with ease.

A layer of proper foundation fabric on top of the gravel helps the gravel to support the weight of the larger rocks and prevents sinking.

Wrapping Up

The key to keeping your landscaping rocks looking their best is constant maintenance. Now, there are countless different variations of materials that your rocks could be made from, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to maintaining them all. Some may need to be painted on occasion; some might need specific treatment after exposure to the elements over time; others might only require a good hose down. If you’re not sure what you’re working with, contact us directly for advice.

Hopefully, this article has been informative and taught you how to maintain landscape rocks. It may be a bit of hard work, but there are numerous benefits to doing so. Whether you like them for aesthetic or practical reasons, landscape rocks can last for decades with some TLC.

Remember that you're also making your home beautiful. There’s no better time than now to work on maintaining the rest of your property.

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