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5 Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs to Be Replaced

Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs to Be Replaced

It's not often that you think about your home's sprinkler system until something goes wrong. But like any other system in your house, the sprinklers need regular maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them functioning at their best. If you're noticing any of the following signs, it might be the best time to replace your irrigation system altogether:

Frequent Leaks

Leaks in irrigation systems are a common problem, usually found in older sprinkler systems. If your mainline is leaking, it can cause decreased water performance and even require the replacement of the entire irrigation system.

Additionally, if your sprinkler nozzles and valves continue to leak after multiple repairs, it is likely time to consider an irrigation upgrade.

An irrigation upgrade will be expensive upfront but will save you the time and money associated with frequent repairs in the long run - a much better option than replacing the entire irrigation system!

Pay attention to irregular signs of stress that may alert you to potential problems like leaks in your irrigation system, so you can prevent any more costly replacements in the future.

Poor Coverage

Poor Coverage

Is your lawn looking to be in desperate need of hydration? If yes, then chances are your sprinkler system is the reason why. Therefore, it would be wise to think about investing in a new irrigation system!

Replacing a malfunctioning or misaligned irrigation nozzle with a new one is an effective solution for improving the coverage of water in certain areas of your lawn.

You can also choose more efficient irrigation systems, which are specifically designed to distribute water evenly over larger areas, resulting in the healthy growth of grass and plants. A sprinkler upgrade is an ideal way to avoid repainting any faulty sprinkler system signs and ensure the most effective utilization of water.

Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in a home irrigation system can be a cause for concern. It is likely a sign that something isn't quite right, and seeking help from professionals is the best way to get to the root of the problem.

Many times, an inefficient sprinkler head or microscopic chips or cracks in pipes are the culprits, diminishing flow rates and preventing your system from projecting water as it used to.

To ensure your system functions correctly again, look for experts in irrigation who can help with repairs or suggest whether you need to replace parts of the system altogether.

Poor Design

Poor Design

Poor irrigation design is usually the cause behind both over and underwatering in a garden. If you are noticing dry spots alongside overwatered areas, it could be a sign that your current irrigation system is failing to adjust its flow accordingly.

Upgrading to new sprinkler systems allows for improved water dispersal and greater efficiency as it is designed to meet the specific needs of plants, soil, weather, and hydration level. Investing time and money into replacing your outdated irrigation system will save you from further distress and also from paying more than necessary for your water bill.

Get the advice of an irrigation specialist to help you choose which system would work best for your garden.

Increasing Water Bills

Increasing Water Bills

If you notice your water bills suddenly increasing and continuing to go up with each passing summer, this could be a sign that your existing system isn't working as efficiently as it should.

This can happen over time due to natural wear and tear or from the poor initial installation. As the system becomes less effective, more water is needed in order for it to work properly, which causes an increase in your water bill.

Consult a plumber who can inspect your current system and give advice on whether it needs repairs or if you should replace the entire irrigation system with a new one for the best results.


How Much is a New Irrigation System?

The type of system, your budget, and the complexity of the project will all play a role in determining when is the right time for you. Depending on the size and type of your property, as well as any special features or needs, the cost of a new irrigation system can range from $1,500 - $4,000.

What is the Best Time to Install Irrigation System?

The best time to install an irrigation system is in late fall or winter. This allows you to take advantage of lower installation costs and less demand on the contractor's schedule.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the basics of irrigation systems, including how much a new system costs and the different types of sprinkler systems, you can make an informed decision about upgrading or replacing your current system. If you're still not sure whether you need a new irrigation system or just a repair, contact CS Pressure Cleaning. We'll be happy to assess your needs and provide a recommendation - no matter what type of issue you're having with your sprinkler system, we can help.

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